WSGA announces Student Initiative Grant

WSGA is offering grant money for students with ideas for campus improvements.

Cassandra White, President of the Washburn Student Government Association, is looking for Washburn students who have an idea of how to improve their campus to pitch those ideas, through an online application, for a chance at seeing their vision come to fruition.

“The Student Initiative Grant is a grant that was set up a couple years ago by President Benedict, during the Benedict-Cortez administration,” White said. “The grant is set aside for students that normally don’t get to, or don’t know that they can, participate in WSGA and apply for an online grant to do something to improve the campus.”

First, the student must come up with an idea for a campus improvement project and then do the necessary research. They will then come to the WSGA senate and make a presentation. The fund typically contains around $12,000 and can be used for one large project or several smaller projects depending on which ideas the senate approves.

One of the most recent student driven projects that have been implemented by WSGA were the new television screens in the LLC. White pointed out that if students are interested in a lounge area, or if they’re interested in refurbishing an office space or any other ideas, all they need to do is fill out a form.

Other projects included the printers in the lobbies, so students wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the library and the water bottle refilling stations in the Union.

White stressed that even though residential students are the typical applicants, any student can make a recommendation.

To apply for the grant visit WSGA online or call 785-670-1169.