Exercising for a family – Washburn hosts Zumba-thon

On Jan. 17 from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M., Washburn’s Lee Arena will be hosting not only a great opportunity for burning some calories, but also a great cause. Zumba-thon, sponsored by The Topeka Fraternal Order of Police, will allow residents of Topeka to raise money to send the Harwood Family to Washington D.C.

The Zumba-thon is designed to get everyone’s blood pumping with zumba, a fun exercise that is composed mostly of dancing. The fundraiser will help the family members of police veteran, Cpl. Jason Harwood who was tragically shot and passed away in September of 2014.

While in Washington, Harwood’s family will be able to attend workshops alongside other families who have also dealt with resembling tragedies. A $5 donation is suggested for those who attend. Also, to show support for the Topeka police department, the fundraiser asks all those who are attending to wear blue.