Important W-2 Tax Info For All Employees

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We will be processing 2014 W-2 forms over the next few days. Historically, we have held them for pick up, and mailed out those not picked up.

This year, we are providing the option for you to receive your W-2 electronically via MyWashburn. If you select this option, you will not receive a printed copy.

To request that your W-2 be sent electronically, send an email from your email address to [email protected] before noon on Monday, Jan 19. If you click on the email link in the preceding sentence, your email program should create an email message with the subject line and body already filled in. Make sure this message will be sent from your email account, and click send.

If you do not click on the email link to send your consent, make sure that the body of your message states that you consent to receiving your W-2 electronically, and that you understand you will not receive a paper copy of the W-2.

Note that the election to receive your W-2 electronically will be in effect until (1) you inform Payroll you want to revoke your election, or (2) you terminate your employment. However, depending on how things go this year, we may choose to require employees to make a new election prior to issuance of W-2’s next year.

A help sheet explaining how to view your W-2 in MyWashburn (which can be done whether you receive your W-2 electronically or on paper) will be posted on the Finance Office webpage later today (Jan 16).

We will send another email when 2014 W-2’s are available.