Washburn’s Merit Badge College Success

Marshal Mann, Troop 777 Seth Jarvis, Troop 139 Sean Arndt, Troop 59

Washburn’s Merit Badge College has experienced success through out the years because of how passionate President Jerry Farley for education and learning in the scout community.

The Washburn Merit Badge conference offers 28 Merit Badges, offered at the merit badge conference and on it biggest year ever it had 450 scouts attend. The event takes place in late winter or early spring. The event started in 1999 and has progressed since then. The event actually doesn’t benefit the college profit wise.

Another major person in the event is Keith Mazachek, he was also a boy scout in his youth and he finished boy scouts as an eagle scout. Before he ran the event he was a teacher for engineering but was asked take the main position because the other person retired.

He only rated the event an 8 out of 10 because he wished that they could add more merit badges.