Ichabods eye NFL possibilities

Adam Vlach

Washburn’s second all-time leading rusher is looking to extend his football career as he travels to Denver for the NFL Regional Combine on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Senior Vershon Moore said he and Washburn defensive back Dwayne Joseph began preparing for the combine four or five weeks ago.

“I’m excited about it. It’s a chance to get your name out there,” Moore said.

At the combine, NFL scouts evaluate players on their abilities and athleticism.

“We’ve just been doing some training and stuff, working on explosion, working on starts, side-to-side movement just to get ready for the basic stuff they have there,” Moore said.

While he said going to the NFL is the dream of every kid that plays football, he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to take that path now that the time had come.

“I was a little iffy about it at first because I didn’t feel like I’d be ready, but as we started going along training, my body started getting used to all the training , so I feel like I’m ready to go,”Moore said.

The regional combine is for skilled positions only, meaning no linemen, kickers or punters. Participants register for the regional combine and pay their own way, which includes a $150 registration fee, but if they do well enough they are invited by the NFL to the Super Regional Combine, which takes place March 21 at the Arizona Cardinals training facility.