CORRECTION: March 20, 2015 paycheck pickup and time reporting changes

CORRECTED VERSION (corrections in blue):

Due to the closing of Morgan Hall on the afternoon of Friday, March 20, we are changing paycheck pickup procedures for that day. From 8:00am to noon, paychecks will be available in the Student Service Center (cashier windows) as usual. From noon to 5:00pm on March 20, paychecks will be available for pickup in the Washburn University Police Office (Morgan Hall, south end of the middle wing). Paychecks will not be available for pickup from 5:00pm on March 20 to 8:00am on Monday, March 23. At that time, paychecks will once again be available at the cashier windows.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the Payroll Office.

For those classified employees in Morgan Hall who have been given the afternoon of March 20 off, please follow the following guidelines for reporting your time on that day:

  • Report the hours off as administrative closing
  • If you have previously requested and been approved for personal leave on March 20, you must still report that time as personal leave.
    • This also applies to previously requested/approved sick leave, such as for a doctor appointment or a medical procedure. These hours must be reported as sick leave.
  • If you are a timesheet approver, before you approve a timesheet, please ensure that time is reported for March 20 in accordance with the guidelines above.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to report your time, please contact either Human Resources or the Director of Finance.

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 Mar 2015
Target: all employees