Washburn Debate places two teams in the Sweet 16 at the NPTE

This past weekend, Washburn Debate ended its competitive season at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence, hosted this year by William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. The NPTE is comprised of many of the best parliamentary debate teams in America as they are determined by the NPTE’s rankings which track team successes at all parliamentary debate tournaments throughout the year. Only the top ranked teams are invited to compete at the NPTE. Joining Washburn were the squads from California Berkeley, Colorado Boulder, Loyola Chicago, Oregon, Puget Sound, Rice, San Diego State, Southern Illinois, Texas Tech, Utah, Washington, Wheaton, Whitman, William Jewell, among several others.

There were 68 individual teams at the 2015 NPTE—the most teams ever—ultimately competing for the top 32 finishes. The top 32 places are determined, after the top 32 teams emerge from six preliminary rounds, by a grueling series of eight elimination rounds where a team is eliminated from competition after two elimination round losses (known as a “double elim.” tournament). Washburn’s three traveling teams all cleared to elimination rounds where they then continued to square off with the very best of the best. Quintin Brown (jr.) and Grant Waters (so.) finished as the 29th best team at the 2015 NPTE. Ian Mikkelsen (sr.) and Dan Lyon (sr.) finished as the 14th best team at the 2015 NPTE. Kaitlyn Bull (so.) and Ryan Kelly (so.) finished as the 9th best team at the 2015 NPTE. Ian Mikkelsen was further recognized as the 17th best speaker from the field of 136 speakers.

Washburn Debate was very pround to be joined at the 2015 NPTE by several alumni, all of whom helped coach and judge rounds: Lauren Knoth, Josh Ramsey, Joe Allen, as well as Calvin and Whitney Coker.

We certainly couldn’t begin to do what we do without incredible institutional support. Our many thanks to the following for their dedication and unwavering assistance: President Jerry Farley, Vice President Randy Pembrook, Nancy Tate, Rebecca Atnip, Donna Lacey, Joan Bayens, Dean Laura Stephenson, Bruce Mactavish, Sue Peek, Toni Lewis, Chris Rhoads, Vice President Denise Ottinger, Joel Bluml, Kathy Menzie, Tami Boten, Gordon McQuere, Tom Stuart, Carol Vogel, Pamela Foster, Alan Bearman, Keith Rocci, Chris Leach, Dale Barbee, Mary Gruber, Marjorie Bostwick, Patricia Starlin, Joan Anderson, Marcia Johnson, Jacklyn Tomes, Shely Waechter, Mel Ragar, Linda Pettit, Carol Carey, Jeanne Dodge, Cindy Loder, Eileen Brouddus, John Haverty, Jim Fosdick, Dena Anson, Amanda Hughes, Joy Thompson, Peggy Clark, Dean Forster, Captain Chris Enos, to name just a few of the many kind faces that help us throughout the year, and, of course, thanks to everyone else who assists us behind the scenes or otherwise (sorry, if I am being remiss here). Again, thank you!!!