Well constructed malicious e-mail received by many Washburn users overnight

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Many Washburn students, faculty, and staff received a well-constructed malicious e-mail overnight purporting to require you to log in to your MyWashburn account to perform a database update.  This message was not sent by Washburn staff and was designed to instead capture your MyWashburn username and password for malicious purposes. 
While we do not know the specific intent at this time, other universities have seen similar situations where phished credentials have been used to change direct deposit information and steal direct-deposit funds.  You can find detailed information about the latest phishing e-mail at the following Washburn Technology Blog link:
If you did receive this e-mail and enter your username and password on the linked web page, please contact [email protected] so we can take action to protect your account.
Kevin Halgren
Assistant Director – ITS Systems and Network Services &
IT Security Officer