Washburn remembers baseball coach Steve Anson

Steve Anson’s grandson Seth throws the first pitch of Washburn’s game against Emporia State. Washburn won, 6-1.

Tyler Feist

On Saturday, March 14, Washburn’s baseball team hosted Emporia State for an afternoon doubleheader, but it was preceded by a very special ceremony.

Before the first game, Washburn University organized a memorial ceremony to honor former coach Steve Anson, who passed away last June in an accident at his home.

Both teams, several fans and representatives from each university participated and showed their respect to the coaching legend.

The memorial began with a speech by Washburn’s president, Jerry Farley. Farley spoke very highly of Anson and touched the hearts of those in attendance. Farley explained that every spectator should be upbeat and happy during the baseball games because that is exactly how Anson would have wanted it. He also said that from now on anyone that steps foot on Falley Field will be in the presence of Coach Anson.

They also honored Anson was by revealing a sign that hangs on the left field fence. The sign was in the shape of a home plate with “Anson” and the number 19 written on the plate.

Each baseball player for Washburn wore Anson’s jersey number, 19, to remember their old coach. Anson’s wife Dena and his 10-year-old grandson Seth also received number 19 jerseys.

Every spectator took part in a moment of silence to pay their dues to the local hero.

Following the special moment of silence was the highlight of the memorial ceremony: Anson’s grandson Seth took the mound at Falley Field and threw the first pitch in remembrance of his grandpa.