A Societal Standout: The Kansas Legislature

Each week, the Washburn Review will recognize an individual or individuals who have thrust themselves into the public limelight, with actions and or statements that prove worthy of editorializing. Said person has gone above and beyond to prove themself A Societal Standout. Opinions expressed below are strictly those of the author and do not reflect upon the Washburn Review or Washburn University as a whole.

Kansas Legislature, welcome back to our editorial page! It’s honestly pretty impressive how many times we’ve written about you. You are just a fountain of material ripe for the mocking. Today we would specifically like to address SB45 which authorizes the carrying of concealed handguns without a license.

What could have possibly gone through your collective mind when this amendment passed 31 to 7? To senators Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Hawk, Hensley, Holland, Pettey, and Wolf: don’t worry this rant is not for you seven nay-sayers. Congratulations on being seven of the eight democrats in the Kansas Senate by the way. (This raises a plethora of questions for Sen. Kelly, our eighth democrat.) No this article is for the rest of you, who apparently said, “Yeah it’s a great idea to let anyone carry a handgun.”

There’s absolutely no way that can go wrong. Who needs safety classes before strapping on something that was involved in 51,370 incidences in the United States alone in 2014?

Now that any yahoo with an all right background check and a bit of spending money can get their trigger-happy little fingers on a handgun and LEGALLY carry it around, this writer is worried. There’s no issue with people having guns as long as they are extensively trained and educated on gun safety but under SB45 safety classes are now optional. Do you think these senators would be so eager to vote yes if they had to deal with the idiots who are sure to take advantage of this bill?