After Further Review: Best player always deserves MVP

Trevin Edelman

As the NBA season nears the end, the talk seems to be all focused on the announcement of the MVP. Will it be Steph Curry, who can shoot lights out, and more? Will it be James Harden who has played without consistent play from the rest of his team, especially at center? Or will it be the best player in the world?

It looks as if most people will be voting for Mr. Curry out in California. They will say that he is obviously the best sharp shooter in the Association, but he is way more than that. He is a passer and a floor general that just makes all of his teammates better. For me, it goes beyond that. It goes beyond the flashy shots and the spectacular plays. It is about the efficiency.   

To me, rebounds and shooting percentages are important. Anybody can sit around and fire up every shot they get, but are they making the most of their team’s opportunities? Rebounding is what gives the team those extra opportunities. Curry is averaging 23.6 points and only 4.3 rebounds, while shooting 48.2 percent.

The one who should win wasn’t a guy that has been at the top of the conversation. It wasn’t until the playoffs neared that he was among the top three in many polls and lists. What really put him in the mix was the fact that the Thunder didn’t make the playoffs, making it hard to give the award to Russell Westbrook. The player that should win the MVP award goes by the name of LeBron Raymone James.

James is averaging 25.5 points and 6.0 rebounds, all while shooting 49 percent from the field. He is better than Curry at all of those categories. If you looked at the past season and I told you to take one player to be on your team, who would you take? I would hope it would be Lebron because he is simply the best player in the world. Whomever you call the MVP is the best player in the NBA. I caution you to not be afraid of giving it to the same player every year just for the sake of it being the same player every year. We need to get over the fear of giving him the award year after year when he is the best player in the world. Nobody cared about that when Michael was playing.