Letter to the Editor: Bike Share a success

Dear Editor,

I wish to shed some light about the importance of enrolling in Topeka Metro Bike Share for international students as well as Americans at Washburn University. Topeka is not a very big city, enough to distract students from studies, but small enough that you don’t get the services like in big cities. Students should take advantage of Topeka Metro Bike Share opened at Washburn University mainly for three reasons. Firstly, as a student, it’s a great change to be able to register on Topeka Metro Bike with only $20 per year and be able to ride 2 hours each day for free. Being students, it’s actually a great opportunity to be able to make a one time investment and being able to use the service for a whole year. So basically, it’s $0.054 you pay for the first 2 hours ride each day which should be enough for anyone, but if you plan to ride longer than that, it’s $2.50 for every one hour. Secondly, Washburn lies at the heart of Topeka city so it’s really convenient to go to any part of Topeka using electric metro bike provided by Topeka Metro. Being a Washburn student it’s easy to access every part of Topeka easily and in addition Topeka trail connects all parts of our city which makes it even more interesting to ride a bike through the beautiful parks of the city. Thirdly, Topeka Metro Bike Share is really helpful for the international students because it’s most convenient to grab a Metro bike and go get groceries using the GPS service available within the bike. It’s hard especially for international students to visit different parts of Topeka using limited bus service and limited bus stations. If the place you want to go is too far, you can simply take free bus ride using Washburn ID and grab a bike when you reach the station and ride to the destination.

Hence, it’s really helpful for everyone to register and take full advantage of Topeka Metro Bike Share. Imagine, riding a bike with group of your friends and traveling. Sound’s fun to me.