2015 Student Employee of the Year

Once again there were a fantastic group of students nominated for Student Employee of the Year.  It is obvious from the nomination letters I received that there are many student employees going above and beyond in their commitment to Washburn University and to their positions on campus.  Our student employees are something we can all be proud of.  It is always difficult to select just one person as the Student Employee of the Year.  I wish to extend a large thank you to my committee for helping with this tough decision. 

This year we had we have selected Nicole Wilson as our 2015 Student Employee of the Year!  Nicole is a photography Lab Monitor and was nominated by Marydorsey Wanless and the Art Department. 

Please see the announcement on MyWashburn to see a photo of Nicole and read about what a wonderful job she has done for the Art Department.

Jamie McEwen

Student Employment Coordinator