Finding General Education and Specific Course Types Across Departments

The online course schedule at can be used to search for General Education courses across ALL departments within a specific area (Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Creative/Performing). This may be helpful when advising so students/faculty do not need to search by individual departments.The search can also be used for specific course types such as online, evening/weekend, graduate, undergraduate and workshops.

To search across ALL departments, use the following steps:

Select the Course Type in the box on the left.

Once the Course Type is selected, a 4th bullet will appear under Printing – “To print the schedule for all departments for the selected Course Type, Click Here”.

This will then bring up a schedule version that can be printed if you wish or just scrolled through by department. To return back to the original page to change your search options, just click the back arrow in the upper left corner.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


CJ Crawford


Academic Scheduling and Commencement Services