Triple threat: Pedophile smackdown

Mark Feuerborn

The fact that I’m writing about this subject, especially in this volume in light of recent events, is both saddening, and yet also a great display of hypocrisy and irony.

In a long, strange, twisted turn of events, the secret life of Jared Fogle was exposed. Fogle was discovered to have had multiple sexual relations with an underage woman, potentially plural women, along with a collection of child porn. A member of Fogle’s organization was discovered with child porn in the past, but Fogle managed to throw his coworker under the bus and avoided being investigated himself. Well played, Fogle, but not for long. All I have to say regarding whatever sentence this monster earns is the longer the better.

Well-known molester and self-proclaimed protector of traditional marriage Josh Duggar graced the spotlight with his presence yet again as well, having been discovered to have not one, but two accounts on Ashley Madison, a dating site dedicated entirely to married couples finding a partner for an affair. Duggar supposedly dropped almost a full thousand dollars on one of his accounts.

My biggest concern throughout this hypocrite’s drop farther and farther into his fame grave, is that Anna Duggar, his wife, somehow has yet to file for divorce in spite of everything this man has done to spit in her face. In fact, at the beginning of this week, the couple allegedly flew to a Duggar mountain getaway for some private time away from the “paparazzi.” Anna, my personal message to you is you have every reason to divorce this man, in spite of everything your religion may or may not say to speak out against leaving your spouse. Your dignity and value as a human being should not be dictated by your husband’s sham of a campaign for traditional marriage. Don’t forget, you have 19 little eyes looking up to you, learning what is acceptable to do to their wife, or withstand from their husband.

Last, but certainly not least, NFL cheerleader Molly Shattuck has been sentenced, and I wish I could scream at the judge who did the sentencing. Forty-eight weekends in a probation center for raping a 15 year old boy is a joke. Is this reflective of society’s opinion that men can’t be raped? You say you’ll spend the rest of your life making it right,  but you’ll never know his pain, Shattuck.