Follow up on “Beneath the tag” article from last week

Very interesting: Pictured are three receipt from three different orders at the Union Market. Left: $8.81 Middle: $12.46 Right: $14.13.

Abbie Barth , Copy Editor and Freelance Reporter

Last week The Washburn Review published an opinion by one of our section editors, Joshua Irsik, about his experience with Washburn Dining.

In his opinion, he stated that Washburn Dining cashiers have inconsistently calculated the price for his meals for weeks. His primary purpose of the article was to advise readers to check their receipts for any inconsistencies.

Irsik was contacted by Janel Rutherford, Washburn’s director of business, auxiliary services and contract liaison for Chartwells – Washburn Dining’s food provider.

In a meeting, Rutherford commended Irsik for keeping a clear record of his receipts and for speaking up about the situation. 

Rutherford ensured Irsik that Washburn Chartwells’ employees will be retrained on ringing up meals using his receipts.

Chartwells is optimistic that this problem will be fixed.

Edited by Wesley Tabor, Adam White