Washburn students offered free ride via Uber

Abbie Stuart

In addition to the Topeka Metro bikes and free bus fare, Washburn students can now add another mode of transportation to get around town: Uber.  Courtesy of Visit Topeka, Washburn students are eligible to receive a free trial ride through Uber using the offer code “VISITTOPEKA.”  Students may receive up to 20 dollars in free fare for their first ride.  

“It’s just an option in case anyone gets stuck somewhere,” said Rosa Cavazos, Tourism Development Manager.

Uber is similar to a taxi service, but people use their own cars to give rides to others.   Using the GPS on your phone, Uber directs a nearby driver to your location.  Participants are texted details about their driver, so they can identify them upon arrival.  Fares are taken directly out of the credit card on your Uber account and you can split the fare among friends.