Tennis competes in Baker Invitational bringing home some wins

Jordyn Wells

The Washburn men and women’s tennis team continued their seasons and competed in the Baker Invitational this weekend, Sept. 11-12.

The men’s team competed in Lawrence, and the women’s team competed in Topeka.

Washburn Women’s team had the home court advantage and took; Maggie Plum, Jodie Blackim, Jennifer Krause, Holly Johnson, Gwen Shepler, Whitney Holloman, Ashlynn Sutton, Nzingha Banks, MaKenna Gonzales and Ally Burr.

They claimed seven first-place finishes in singles and four first-place finishes in doubles. 

The first place in singles included Blackim, Johnston, Holloman, Sutton, Banks, Gonzales and Burr.

The women’s team also claimed four second-place finishes throughout the weekend, which included Blackim, Holloman, Sutton and Banks. In doubles competition, all four doubles teams claimed a first-place finish along with three second-place finishes by Gwen/Plum, Burr/Blackim and Krause/Gonzales.

“I feel like, so far, the weekend has gone pretty well and I feel like as we practice more and get more into the tournaments that it will just keep getting better,” said Gonzales.

Washburn Men’s tennis traveled to Lawrence this weekend and took Aleja Valarezo Plaza, Matt Barlow, Blake Hunter, Zach Hampton, David Clausen, Brett White, Dario Munoz-Poletti, Trey Horton, Todd Rillinger and Will Agritelley.

The Men’s team claimed seven first-place finishes including Plaza, Barlow, Hunter, Clausen, Munoz, Horton and Rillinger. Along with the seven first-place finishes, the men claimed six second-place finishes which included Plaza, Barlow, Munoz, Rillinger and Horton.

The doubles teams had two first place finishes, who included the tag teams of Barlow/Hampton and Valarezo. The Washburn men’s team also claimed two second-place finishes, which included Hunter/Valarezo and Rillinger/Poletti.

“You always have to want to win. That is why you play, because you love it. You want to win for yourself and for those who are always there supporting you. All you can do is be the best you can and always give it your all,” said Agritelley.

The men’s and women’s tennis teams will be back in action against William Jewell College Sept. 19 at the Washburn tennis complex.