Mark Meets World: Migrants in Europe: A showcase of cruelty

Mark Feuerborn

In the past few weeks, Europe has seen the largest influx of immigrants to the continent since World War II. Migrants from war-torn countries throughout the Middle East have attempted to escape to a better life in the more stable European countries. Syrians in particular have fled in massive numbers with over two million documented refugees in neighboring countries Turkey and Lebanon, according to the BBC. Afghans, Iraqis, Serbians and even Russians have also been found trying to seek shelter in neighboring countries.

The current issue lies not in these poor peoples’ attempt to find a better life, but is actually twofold.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan are on the rise, inspiring more Afghan civilians to flee the country. ISIS has also entered the Afghan playing field, sparking a conflict with the Taliban that can only lead to more refugees fleeing the country. In spite of this setup for a potentially long and bloody conflict, many are being denied entry to other countries. The United States, Britain and Canada have all specified that they will only open their doors to Syrians. Refugees of any other nationality are on their own.

This sparks a massive problem. Granted, Syrians have every right to escape the nightmarish war that has erupted in their homeland, but this should not call for locked doors for emigrants of every other nationality.

Other countries have been even less hospitable, barring their gates to emigrants of all nationalities including Syria.

In fact, treatment of immigrants by countries such as Hungary has been absolutely sickening. Police have formed blockades preventing entry into the country, and are also attacking refugee camps with tear gas. Hungarian N1TV journalist Petra Laszlo was caught on camera tripping a man carrying a child in his arms, and kicking a child after they broke through police lines.

Germany is seemingly alone in opening its doors to thousands of immigrants, regardless of nationality. Sadly, this lone benefactor has been required to begin introducing border controls as of Monday, as the country fears it can no longer take in any more without a severe crisis. Germany has called on other countries in the European Union to help do their part and follow in the footsteps of Germany.

The situation is horrifying. While European countries twiddle their thumbs in fear of immigrants disrupting their economies, refugees are dying of heatstroke, famine and disease. Men, women and children fleeing by boat have been washing onto the shores of Libya and Turkey, drowned.

The leaders of the nations of the world must display humanity, and take in these poor souls that have recently known nothing but fear and pain. The nations must open their gates to all refugees, regardless of nationality.