Washburn Law Clinic supports veterans with event

Brenden Williams

Thursday, September 17, Washburn University School of Law made an expungement program available to veterans who believe their prior convictions are null and void.

Washburn Law School students and Clinic interns participated in the event to help veterans with prior criminal records. The term “expungement” means that an individual is suing for criminal records to be sealed away and thus inaccessible through both state and federal government agencies. If one were to commit a misdemeanor for burglary or trespass, they could sue the state for the records to be locked. This course of action is only an option for first time offenders, however.

The School of Law is making this service available to veterans that are eligible for expungement, headed by Associate Professor Lynette Petty

“The Washburn Law Clinic has been in the community for many years, and we’ve always represented everybody in the community, including veterans,” said Petty. “We started an effort to reach out more to veterans and people who are serving so that we can give back to them.”

Professor Petty wanted to help make veterans aware of the program and other possible opportunities available through the clinic as well as Washburn University School of Law.

The number available for veterans or those interested is (785) 670-1191.