Discounts and deals discovered to save Bods’ dollars

Dylan McManis

For those of you who have, or haven’t for that matter, noticed that living as a college student often means living in the poor house, local businesses have great deals that Washburn students can take advantage of.

For starters, the back of the student planner has a long list of local businesses that offer Washburn students some kind of discount. All of the deals in this article are from businesses on that list. In fact: this article will only cover three of the top food deals as well as a deal that doesn’t sound so appetizing, but it’s college. Sometimes, it’s nice to eat out for a change.

The first of these sounds like a dream lunch on a Monday afternoon, and can even function as a wonderful dinner, especially for those over the age of 21. The Burger Stand gives Washburn students a 10% discount off of their meal any day of the week. A discount like this is a least enough to get rid of tax, and for big meals can even save you a couple of dollars.

Mondays, the discount at Burger Stand jumps to a 50% discount, making your meal at Burger Stand half off! Considering the businesses’ already decent priced food, the discount makes any meal that you have worth it!

The second is out on Wanamaker, and is a good follow up to Burger Stand: Coldstone Creamery. Now, at Coldstone you can get a 15% discount at any time with your Washburn ID, just like with the Burger Stand discount, it saves you a bit of money on your ice cream.

But if you go to Coldstone from 2-4 Monday through Friday then you can get your ice cream half off for their happy hour! Sadly, the two discounts don’t stack together, but when you can get the largest size of ice cream, otherwise known as the “Gotta have it”, which is normally $5, for $2.50, which is cheaper than their smallest size without a discount, then why wouldn’t you want to eat at Coldstone every day? Just try to avoid the Freshman fifteen.

Now to compare two competing dinner deals, and depending on your Pizza preference, one might be better than the other.

The top value deal goes to the Papa John’s across the street from the university, where Washburn students can get a large one topping pizza for $7, which is $10 cheaper than what it is normally sold for.

Another non-stacking deal at Papa John’s for those of you who don’t want a large pizza, but still have those late night munchies, is that Pizza is half off past 9 P.M.; it won’t be as cheap as the large is, but you still end up with a pizza for less than $10!

This last deal is more for buffet style pizza types, the ones who want a large variety, but can never tell how much pizza you’re going to eat. At Cici’s Pizza, a normal dinner buffet is $5.55, but for Washburn students the buffet is only $5. It’s only a difference of 55 cents, but for an already cheap buffet that’s the most you are probably going to get. Cici’s however, is on Wanamaker, so you have to be a special kind of pizza lover to take that deal over Papa John’s.

At the end of the day, how much money you want to spend on food is up to you, maybe you prefer the 21 cent ramen at Walmart? Or maybe your parents gave you enough money to eat in the school cafeteria for every meal till the end of time… or hopefully not.