New Windows 10 platform sparks debate among users

Hallee Haar

Windows recently released their new update “Windows 10” for its computers. As the new update takes over computers, students and staff at Washburn have various opinions on this new update. Faculty member Rick Duet, had a very strong opinion on the topic: “Why would you use anything but Mac?” said Duet. His opinion was echoed by many students. The great divide between PC and Mac continues to effect the campus community. Those who use Mac seem to have no interest in Windows 10.

“I haven’t used Windows 10 yet,” said Katelyn Skillingstad, a Washburn student. When asked for an interview, many students confessed to not using Windows 10, as some are still using Windows 8. The computers that are accessible to students and staff through the school uses mostly Macs. The only people that the update is making an impact on is those who have a PC at home.

As for those who use Windows, not all of them are greeting this change with enthusiasm. “As a Windows user, I do not like Windows 10. Personally, I never left Windows 7,” said Aaron White, a Washburn student. The lack of enthusiasm was not shared by all of the students/staff. In fact some people were very excited for the new development in Windows. Jackie Montes, a loyal PC user, was very optimistic about the newest development in Windows. “I like it,” said Montes. “The internet explorer is better. I can use the notepad to highlight things in an article and I can save it, I can also speak to it.”

There is no consensus opinion on Windows 10. Only the future will tell how well Windows 10 is received in the community.