What’s that sound?

Dylan McManis

Every fifteen minutes, the Kuehne Bell Tower rings, but for several weeks now the bell tower has been broken. This has caused widespread agitation from Washburn students and staff who found comfort in the sounds of the bells.

“The strikers are controlled by electromagnets, just like a home doorbell is. Two of the coils have gone bad on one of the bells so the striker is not hitting the bell and sounding when it is supposed to,” said Patrick Early, director of University Relations.

When asked about this issue, Richard Connell, director of Facility Services, said, “The bell tower is practically sixty feet in the air. We do not have a lift high enough to reach it.”

It is apparent that one of the bells has a bad striker. Facility Services got a contractor to examine the bell. New parts have been ordered to repair the bell and are due to arrive within the next couple weeks.

“As soon as they get here it is a priority of ours to get that bell tower up and running again,” Connell said.