do not publish: Trevor Noah Debuts as New Daily Show Host

                As Jon Stewart aired his final episode as “The Daily Show” host, Trevor Noah stepped on stage appearing to take measurements for his new desk, his new show, and preparing to make a new legacy for the Comedy Central hit; with him as the star.

                Jon Stewart aired his final episode after almost 17 years of roasting politicians and other world leaders, but after announcing a tearful resignation, he stated:

 “In my heart, I know it is time for someone else to have that opportunity. This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host, and neither do you.”

The person to gain the opportunity was the 31 year old South African comedian and actor; Trevor Noah, who was well known on the show because he was a contributor for the show since 2014.

Noah was well known from a soap opera he acted in at the age of 18 called “Insidingo”. His career then moved to radio with his own show “Noah’s Ark”. Over the course of his career, Noah also hosted dancing shows, dating games and reality shows as well as performed stand-up comedy and acted in shows both in the United States as well as his native country.

Noah’s notable awards were winning the “South African Comics’ Choice Award for Comic of the Year” in 2012, as well the “MTV Africa Music Award for Personality of the Year” in 2015, an award he was also nominated for in 2014.

On September 28th, 2015, Noah started his tenure for “The Daily Show” and critics of the show have had mixed feelings. Some say he was off to a rough start because he was not the type of host the show was used to with Jon Stewart at the helm, while some say he did well in creating a new personality for the long running Comedy Central show.

Frequent viewer of “The Daily Show”, freshman Carl Schmitthenner, compared Noah to Jon Stewart, former host:

 “I think that he’s very funny, and he’s got some nice views on the U.S,” said Schmitthenner, referring to his South African upbringing and his past in comedy. “He’s not as good as Jon Stewart, but he’s a really good replacement.”

“I think he should try to make his own version, try to make something new with it and not copy Jon Stewart, because you can’t be somebody who you’re not.”