Non-Traditional Students attempt to get involved on campus

Brenden Williams

Non-traditional Washburn students’ involvement on campus is lower than those who live on campus, mostly due to the differences of opportunities that students have because of their living arrangements and time spent on campus.

Some students express concerns over non-traditional student involvement, dealing with homecoming as well as everyday activities on campus. Others believe that plenty of opportunities are presented through advertising and social media.

Advertising around on-campus living draws attention to events for students who live on campus. Flyers, posters and similar forms of advertising as well as social media and email are the most prominent sources of campus information for students that don’t live on campus. All students receive a listing of the week’s events through their Washburn email address, but some argue that it’s not enough.

Jessica Baraclough, advisor for student activities and greek life, said they as well as other organizations work to get non-traditional students more involved.

“We encourage students, traditional and non-traditional, to get involved in student organizations,” said Baraclough. “And there’s a Non-Traditional Student Association for non-traditional students and adult learners. Also, some of our major groups like our Student Government Association and our Campus Activities Board is working to host events that cater to non-traditional students.”

Alyssa Chavez, freshman nursing major, believes if she lived on campus that she would be more involved.

“I signed up for things, but then I started to work and just don’t think I have enough time,” said Chavez. “When I’m back at home it’s like I’m back to my normal life, where as if I lived on campus I think I’d be more involved and I’d like to be more involved.”

On the other hand, some said that it is the student’s responsibility to get themselves involved and that if they feel as though they aren’t, it might be for reasons other than organizations simply not reaching out.

Chris Bowers, president of the Non-Traditional Student Association, expressed that he believes WSGA and Student Activities and Greek Life are currently doing a good job presenting opportunities.

“WSGA, Student Activities and Greek Life are great resources for Washburn Non-Traditional Students,” said Bowers. “They share our group information via the website, special events and word of mouth. They also ask for our input on supporting our organization. All students of Washburn have many opportunities. It is up to the individual student to make arrangements so that the opportunity can be exploited. Given all of the social media, such as Facebook and Bod Talk, advertising is available.”