Disney releases new details on latest film ‘Moana’

Hallee Haar

As Disney prepares for another animated movie, fans are excited over the fact that this new princess is Polynesian and will be voiced by a teenager instead of an adult.

In fact, The Huffington Post explains that this will be the first Disney princess ever to be voiced by a teenager. Until the previews begin and the movie itself is released, fans will not know what kind of difference this could make to the story.

The majority of Washburn freshmen women seem to be excited about the new movie’s addition to the Disney princess family. Whether she will be a cohesive fit with the more modern princesses of recent years, only time will tell.

Margaret Reynolds, freshman psychology major, believes that this new Disney princess is a great idea.

“Why is this even a topic of controversy? Why can’t we celebrate that there are more than white people in the world and include them in the media? I am super stoked about it,” Reynolds said.

Brooke McCrory, freshman English major, likewise seemed exited at the prospect of the new Disney princess.

“It is intriguing, I want to see what twist they will put on it, because I have never seen any thing like that before. It is going to be interesting,” said McCrory.

Sadly, Lilo of “Lilo and Stitch” is does not receive Princess status, making Moana the first Pacific Island Disney Princess. Instead of a cute animal as a companion, she will be featured alongside Maui, a demigod.

In regards to her ethnicity McCrory said, “It is a new twist….Polynesian is going to be cool, because they’ve got such a different culture.”

The two of them will journey together to find a fabled island. Fans do not know too much about the story as of yet, but so far students seem to be excited.

“I think it is accurate…teenagers should be portrayed by teenagers,” Reynolds said.

While fans get excited for this new movie and skeptics complain, only time will tell if we are looking at another Disney classic or not.