Yell Like Hell sparks school pride for Grand Homecoming

The Washburn cheer team performs their routine at Yell Like Hell. The cheer team and Dancing Blues both performed but were not judged in the competition.

Dylan McManis

Nothing peps up a school more for homecoming than a little friendly intraschool competition like Yell Like Hell, a dance competition for various student groups at Washburn that was held on Thursday, Oct 22.

Shaylee Fetters was the choreographer, dance instructor and one of the many dancers for Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, one half of the winning team for the Greek life division who was paired up with Alpha Delta fraternity. She said that the team put several hours in a week for about three weeks to prepare their Yell Like Hell routine.

“I had so much fun and it was so great getting to bond with everyone and show everyone what we’ve been working hard on. Winning took all the hard work and stress we put in and made it feel amazing!” Fetters said.

“It was fun. There were some rough spots with people pulling off their stunts and stuff, but all-in-all we pulled together and did a good job,” said Austin Hendrickson of Alpha Delta fraternity, Fetters’ equivalent within the fraternity.

Spanning almost two hours, the homecoming event was one of this year’s highlights, displaying talent and creativity from organizations from all around the school. Most of the teams used mix-ups of modern music and ‘80s classics like “Don’t You Forget About Me” and even older ‘60s songs.

Some of them even pulled out annual performances, like the shirtless baseball team, or the soccer team who made fun of the baseball team by wearing baseball uniforms, making sure to point out that the baseball team wins every year. This year, however, the softball team won the sports division of Yell like Hell.

Winners, losers or just plain college students having fun, Yell like Hell will always be a pep event to remember.