Do not publish: Pinterest pin of the week

Alright, so let me talk about this pin. It looks like a lot of fun and looks super easy. But there is a couple of things that this pin does not tell you.

First of all the pin fails to mention that this is one of the messiest activities possible. I spent hours vacuuming afterwards and still did not have all of he confetti completely cleaned up.

Second, there is the problem of popping the balloon. I popped one without waiting 24 hours and it sort of collapsed into itself. The one that I waited over 24 hours to pop had a big crack in it, because the balloon popped too fast.

There are a lot of positives from this project though. It is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the whole process around it. Until I popped the balloon it looked really cool.

I think this is a great project for people who want to express their creative side. If you have the time it would be a good start to a DIY spree.