YouTube Halloween tutorials bring creativity and new ideas

Kenzie McCoy

Traditional Halloween costumes usually consist of a few items, but rarely include a custom makeup look to complete a costume. A witch costume might have a black dress and a witch hat to complete the look, but nothing else. However, for those students who want to go above and beyond the average Halloween costume, YouTube has it covered.
The beauty and makeup division of the YouTube world is a huge, booming industry and when October hits and the Halloween season officially begins, spooky makeup and costume tutorials take over.
Once the fall season begins, Halloween makeup tutorials begin popping up all over YouTube, generating costume buzz and ideas, while boosting YouTube video views. By simply typing in the search bar “Halloween makeup tutorial,” about 1.5 million results appear with endless Halloween possibilities. Now, an average witch costume can have the possibility of turning into a creative masterpiece with the help of a YouTube tutorial.
“I would definitely use [YouTube] for a Halloween makeup look,” said Kendra Jermark, a junior nursing major. “I’ve seen a lot of my Facebook friends sharing crazy Halloween makeup ideas and this would make getting ready easier.
YouTubers, beauty gurus or not, share their creativity by putting their makeup skills to use to create zombies, skeletons, animals, vampires, mermaids and other Halloween-themed characters. Some tutorials even go above and beyond the norm and create entire story-lines to go along with the Halloween makeup, making the video more entertaining.
“I’m not that big into makeup but I think it’s super cool that people are getting super creative with their makeup,” said Katie Martin, a freshman art major.
YouTube can provide a quick, creative Halloween costume idea that students can create on a whim. This week, YouTuber Dolce Candy created a creepy broken doll tutorial and Shaaanxo created a scary killer clown and a dark fairy tutorial. Due to the high concentration of videos, it makes finding a desired tutorial or Halloween look extremely easy and allows students to embrace their creativity and have fun making their Halloween costumes more extravagant or may invoke students to try something new.
“I’ve looked at some [tutorials] and they are pretty easy to follow and look realistic,” Martin said.