Editorial: Ichabod pride grows with campus involvement

Washburn students tear up the dance floor at this year’s homecoming dance in the Washburn A/B room in the Memorial Union.

Washburn Editorial Staff

One of the key things that makes the college experience the best it can be depends on the amount of school spirit possessed by the students.

School spirit is defined as emotional support that one has for his or her educational institution. For Washburn University specifically, school spirit would resonate with how proud one is for being an Ichabod.

Washburn prides itself on featuring a variety of fields of study and extracurricular activities for students. Students are also given the opportunity to occupy leadership roles in student-run organizations, Greek Life and on-campus jobs in different areas.

Being active is a great way to increase students’ school spirit.

Whether it’s attending a home football game in Yager Stadium or watching a play in the Andrew J. and Georgia Neese Gray Theatre in Garvey Fine Arts Center, there are several outlets for expressing your Ichabod pride on campus.

Even if a student transferred to Washburn during their junior year rather than starting as a freshman, they still have the chance to possess the same amount of spirit as someone who started their college journey at Washburn.

With the 150th Homecoming happening this week, Ichabod pride is at its peak among the student, faculty, staff and alumni.

Throughout the week there are all sorts of events taking place to involve students in the excitement tied to this memorable anniversary.

Such events include the Homecoming Dance, Ichabod Race, Open Mic Night and Yell Like Hell. In addition, there are numerous competitions, like top hat, banner and cake decoration, between student organizations, Greek Life and other Washburn-related clubs.

The major homecoming events will be occurring at the conclusion of the week. Saturday is arguably the biggest day during the Homecoming celebration because it features the grand parade around Washburn and the football game where the Homecoming King and Queen are announced.

These two events are where Ichabods are able to go full out in support for the university. We expect many students to be dressed up in Washburn gear with painted faces and echoed cheers throughout the stands.

Involving oneself in not only homecoming events, but general campus life will provide students with a more fulfilled experience before graduating and moving onto the world outside the walls of Washburn University.

This fulfilled college experience will include the opportunity for students to create new friendships while learning more about the rich history behind Washburn.

We recommend that students resist the urge to simply come to campus, attend class and then go home. Making an effort to be an active campus member will provide a multitude of benefits in the long-run and eliminate any future regrets concerning one’s golden college years.