Math for bod mag (if you need anymore info please let me know)

As graduation approaches, students are forced to wonder what they are going to do with their majors; mathematics majors are no exception to this.

Washburn’s math department has thirteen professors; with Dr. Kevin Charlwood serving as the chair of the department. Some classes include algebra, calculus, statistics, trigonometry, and more. Combinations of these classes can award you different degrees.

The amount of credit hours per class depends on the class itself. Courses range from one to four credit hours, and can be taken either online or with professors.

 The mathematics department has three different majors: pure math, math education, and actuary math. Pure math majors are regular mathematics based, math education focuses on teaching math, and actuary math focuses on statistics.

Job options for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics some of the jobs you can get are: jobs at a think tank, collaborative jobs with scientists, actuary, teaching, or computer sciences.

While it is very possible to get a job without going to graduate school, there are several options for graduate school for those interested.

According to mathematics professor Gaspar Porta, people with undergraduate degrees in math are “more likely to succeed in medical, law, and engineering programs.”

In other words a mathematics bachelor’s degree opens up doors to other career fields. Jobs that are based around physics or engineering require enough math to make it a vital part of undergraduate education.

“With an undergraduate degree in mathematics, people have been successful with medical and law schools.” Porta stated.

            If you are interested in pursuing statistics, either to work in a company, or a laboratory, a masters (or doctorate) degree in statistics is required. With the several statistics classes that are required for a mathematics degree, these degrees could be easier; however, Washburn does not offer a Statistics degree.

            Mathematics teachers who would like to teach at a junior college or University level will need a Master’s or Doctorate degree of mathematics. However, teaching on a lower level such as elementary, middle, or high school only requires a bachelor’s degree.

            Mathematicians are also usually connected with the computer sciences. Computer sciences do have their own department; however, since the foundation is similar it is possible to get an undergraduate degree in mathematics and then go to graduate school for computer sciences.

            The mathematics department at Washburn prides itself in having a good relationship with their alumni. The alumni tend to stay active members of campus, and are welcome to stay involved in the school.

            “We tend to hear that we have done a good job,” Porta said.

            The math department can be reached on the second floor of Morgan hall. There are some professors (specifically math education professors) that work in the education building instead of Morgan.

            The mathematics department at Washburn offers a positive job outlook, and the stepping-stones for graduate school. It is a major department, where students can earn one of three degrees, and an important part of Washburn University.