Editorial: Royals take the crown, Ichabods can take the top hat

Sophomore Brianna Finnegan attends the parade held Nov 3 to honor the Royals’ win at the World Series.

Review Editorial Staff

Spirits are soaring high for the Royals right now, as they have given a fantastic performance at the World Series this past weekend, and have brought the crown home to Kansas City this past Monday, Nov 1.

A beautiful parade saw crowds flooding Kansas City yesterday, with Mayor Sly James reporting over 800,000 fans were in attendance. That is some real commitment to the team.

It’s a great time to be a Royals fan, and a great time to be from Kansas City. This humble city has fostered pride in its fine baseball team for some time now, a pride that has spread across the state of Kansas, and that pride is now nationally recognized. Being a Royals fan, or rather, being Royal, is to be a genuinely great fan in general, and other sports fans could learn a thing or two from them.

Having said that, with the amount of spirit seen on campus for the Royals, it could be something to strive for. Ichabods should give that same kind of spirit they give to the Royals to their college team.

Fans of the Royals in recent years have continued to support their team in both the tough times and the good times. This is what differentiates between real fans and those who simply hop on the bandwagon. Even with a loss at last year’s World Series, fans still came together to praise the Royals for a great season.

Ichabods could be seen going crazy over the win this past Sunday, and fireworks lit up the Topeka night sky. It is within ourselves to rally not only for the Royals, but for our college teams as well, be it baseball, football, soccer, or any other college sport that the Bods are playing. We guarantee that a Royal would tell us that they couldn’t do it without the fans cheering them on at every game, and the same could be said of the college players. School spirit is something that can motivate our teams to play some truly great games.

It’s certainly within our teams’ power to win. In football for example, the Ichabods last claimed an MIAA championship in 2005, and they’ve made Division II playoffs in two seasons following that. It only makes sense that our student body should be present to share in the joy and pride when we win next. In years to come, we’ll be there when the Royals come to take the crown, and we hope to be there to see our Bods take the tophat too. Free admission at home games is always a plus, too.