Mulvane hosts annual Art Faculty Exhibition

Shayndel Jones

Washburn began winding down the semester by hosting the annual Art Faculty Exhibition on Nov. 6. The show will run until Dec. 24 at the Mulvane Art Museum and is open to the public.

The exhibit began with hors d’oeuvres and featured art pieces from participating full-time, part-time, adjuncts and emeritus art faculty members.

Numerous Washburn alumni, students, faculty and Topeka residents alike attended the event to witness the pieces awaiting in Mulvane. Months in the making, the event introduced its audience to the faculty members’ creative lives outside of the workplace. The body of works were displayed beside one another throughout the second floor of the Mulvane.

“It’s nice, especially because this is a faculty event, so students get to see that their faculty aren’t just teachers, but they get to see that their faculty are creating and working in the art world if they’re art students,” said Jordan Noller, student success lecturer in Washburn Experience and FYE. “If they are business majors, they get to see that their faculty are coming from a business perspective. I like that the Mulvane does things like this, because it’s faculty oriented, but also students get to see their faculty in an environment outside of the classroom.”

The artwork was created in various media, ranging from three-dimensional designs like Marin Abell’s boat built out of Eurasian Milfoil plants that was turned into a two-headed monster, two-dimensional works such as Ye Wang’s paintings and drawings, or somewhere in between as with Michael Hager’s printmaking and sculpture.

“Marguerite Perret’s piece ‘Last Resort’ is such a moving and emotionally stirring piece, and so detailed,” said Julie Velez, senior art major, when asked about a favorite artwork of the night.

Much of this year’s art show is dedicated to Washburn University’s Glenda Taylor, former professor and chair of the art department who was killed in a biking accident  this past summer.