Apply cold water to the ‘Bern’

Mark Meets World

Mark Feuerborn

Both a GOP and Democratic debate have taken place within the past week, with the candidates continuing to give and take jabs on issues such as health care, gun control, Planned Parenthood, Bill Clinton’s sex scandal (surprisingly), and Wall Street.

In the GOP debate last Thursday, it became clear that Marco Rubio has given up his masquerade as the moderate of the candidates, accusing Chris Christie of donating to Planned Parenthood, and expressing disapproval of President Obama’s efforts to downsize military spending.

Trump and Cruz revisited Cruz’s birther issue. Cruz tried to reverse it, claiming Trump could be considered ineligible, while Trump continued to make stupid, childish faces.

Jeb Bush took a humble approach, encouraging the other candidates to come together to support the GOP nominee, regardless of who is chosen. As Bush put it, “Every person here is better than Hillary Clinton.”

Whether or not that is true is up to one’s political alignment, though all of the GOP candidates’ equally war-hungry agendas are frightening, excluding Rand Paul.

Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders continued to mop the floor with Clinton at their most recent debate. What is most amiable about Mr. Sanders is his ability to stay focused on the relevant issues throughout. Even when questioned about the Bill Clinton sex scandal, Sanders pointed out that he refuses to run a mudslinging campaign on Hillary. Even so, he dropped a mic when discussing Wall Street, pointing out Clinton’s $600,000 speaking fee from an investing bank with over 5 billion in fines annually.

Clinton has continued to make attacks on Sanders about the issues with no substance; anytime Sanders is given the opportunity to share the floor with her, he destroys her attacks.

“I think Secretary Clinton knows what she says is disingenuous,” Sanders said.

I have high hopes for him in regards to the Democratic nomination, as he has continued to easily defeat the insincere Clinton in debates, and I can’t even remember what O’Malley said (go home already). I certainly hope he gets a chance to debate with GOP candidates in the future.