Union Daze: Kazoo Edition

Faith Hadley

On Thursday Jan. 28 the Union Daze event featured a kazoo giveaway, kazoo videos and buzzing music.

The cause for fanfare was National Kazoo Day. Kazoos were created in the early 1850s by Vest Alabama and Thaddeus Von Klegg. The instrument was featured in music by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones among other artists.

Few people know that kazoos are actually played by humming through the wider opening. The vibrations echo out to make the singular sound.

Students enjoyed playing the simple instrument with friends and viewing kazoo players on videos. Plenty of Ichabods could be heard buzzing along to the kazoo music playing.

According to Becky Bolte, the director of Memorial Union, the majority of 200 blue kazoos were gone within an hour of having them displayed for free in the Union.

Due to this event’s popularity, it is likely students will see a return in the coming years.