Fwd: [All Faculty & Staff] Concealed Gun Carry Laws Will Affect YOU! on the next KTWU I’VE GOT ISSUES

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Subject: [All Faculty & Staff] Concealed Gun Carry Laws Will Affect YOU! on the next KTWU I’VE GOT ISSUES

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Concealed Gun Carry Laws Will Affect YOU! on the next KTWU I’VE GOT ISSUES

Viewers Can Now Join in the Conversation LIVE! During the Program


KTWU’S I’VE GOT ISSUES discusses Kansas gun laws related to concealed and open carry, and what these laws mean for every Kansan. These issues are important to viewers, and everyone can be a part of this discussion with IGI LIVE! on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 7:30pm on KTWU-HD, Digital Channel 11.1. 


Now shown each third Thursday of the month LIVE! from the KTWU studios, viewers have a chance to interact with the program during the broadcast. Join host Janet Thompson Jackson on Twitter, @IGIJanet, or through email at [email protected] to share comments and questions during the program, or after the show, as we continue our conversation online.


Coming up this Thursday, IGI LIVE will cover Kansas gun laws with special in-studio guests Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones and Kansas State University Distinguished Professor Chris Sorensen. Topics will include registration, permit carry, training courses, and carry restrictions. Also to be discussed are the requirements for legal purchase of firearms, and how carry laws will impact our Kansas college campuses. 


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For 50 years, KTWU has been broadcasting local public television programming. KTWU can be seen in eastern Kansas and portions of Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Through over-the-air broadcast and carriage on cable and satellite companies, KTWU reaches approximately 1.6 million viewers. KTWU offers five digital destinations for unique content: KTWU (PBS) in High Definition on Channel 11.1; KTWU/MHz Worldview on Channel 11.2; KTWU ENHANCE on Channel 11.3; ktwu.org, online; and KTWU MOBILE TV. KTWU is licensed to Washburn University and was the first public television station in the state of Kansas. The television studio for media production and station offices are located on the Washburn campus in Topeka, Kansas. For more information on KTWU, visit the online site at ktwu.org



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