Ichabods fall in triple overtime thriller to Southwest Baptist

Robert Christopher rises to shoot one of his four made baskets in his perfect shooting night from the field against Southwest Baptist.

Brenden Wiliams

The Washburn men fell to the Southwest Baptist Bearcats 98-104 in a triple overtime thriller. The Ichabods fell after a third overtime rally by Southwest Baptist that put the Bearcats up in the final seconds of the game.

Six Ichabods reached double digits in scoring, Javion Blake leading the team with 23, 12 of which came from four 3-point shots, while he shot six of 16 on the night from the field, but also seven of nine from the charity stripe. Randall Smith had 17, making six of his 21 shots from the field, missing all four of his 3-point shots but hitting five of seven from the free- throw line.

For Southwest Baptist, Brian Patterson had an outstanding shooting game, hitting nine of 10 shots, and one from behind the three-point line, his only struggle coming from the free-throw line, hitting only four of eight. Kalehl Brown had 21, shooting six for 11 and hitting eight free-throws.

The game started as a back-and-forth shooting clinic, going back and forth with neither team gaining an advantage, tying at seven, then Washburn took a lead of six, followed by a run by Southwest Baptist to tie the game at 16.

The Bearcats took their first lead of the game with eight minutes left in the first half at 19-18. The Ichabods then took off, going up by four, 23-19. Washburn then jumped back to a six-point lead, 30-24 with 2:42 remaining in the first half, only to have the Bearcats tie the game again at 30, then take the lead 33-32 to end the first half.

The second half was also an even game as both teams refused to give in. They tied at 37 and again at 39 until Washburn took off to an eight-point lead, 47-39, and kept the lead for a few minutes before the Bearcats reduced it to five, then to three at 51-48 with 8:09 left in the game. They tied again at 52 before the Bearcats took a three-point lead. The game was then reduced to a one-point game as the lead changed hands multiple times before tying at 66 to end the second half, after Washburn’s Javion Blake hit the tying 3-pointer with only 11 seconds left.

The first overtime was as back-and-forth as regulation, with neither team gaining an edge before the other hit a 3-pointer to bring the game back within reach.

Washburn led 80-77, but the Bearcats’ Cartier Dean hit a three as time expired to send the game to a second overtime.

Washburn held a three-point lead early in the second overtime before it was reduced to a one-point deficit, which Washburn countered with two free throws from Javion Blake.

Cartier Dean then tied the game with an additional free throw for the Bearcats with only 16 seconds left, making the game 87-87.

The final overtime started with fouls and misses for the Ichabods as the Bearcats took off to a three-point lead 90-87, which only grew from that point on, eventually to six, 89-95, as Washburn struggled offensively while the Bearcats thrived on free throws.

The lead would eventually reach eight for the Bearcats and was then cut to a mere three with only 19 seconds remaining, 98-101. The Ichabods were forced to foul to take the ball back but the Bearcats hit both free throws, then added another after an additional foul by Washburn, extending the lead to 6, 104-98.