Ichabods fall to Emporia State

Brenden Williams

Emporia State defeated Washburn with a 37-point win over the Ichabods.

The Hornets entered the game 22-5 on the season, winning 17 conference games and only losing 5. The Ichabods were slightly further back in the conference standings, 15-12 overall, and 11-10 in the conference standings.

The game started off as a back and forth contest, neither team gaining an edge until halfway through the first quarter. The Hornets took off to a six-point lead with 3:05 left in the quarter, 15-9.

The Ichabods cut the lead to four, which was as close as they would come for the remainder of the game before the Hornets took off to a nine-point lead, 22-13, as the quarter ended.

The second quarter was a different story as Washburn fought back into it, cutting the lead to five. The Hornets then took off to an 11-point lead before Washburn again cut it down to five. The second quarter was a large back and fourth game, with the Hornets ending the quarter up by six.

During the third quarter, the Hornets slowly built a lead on the Ichabods, going up by eight, then 11 and 13 by the time the five-minute mark rolled around. They built the lead up a little more to 15 before Washburn cut it back down to 13 as the quarter expired, the scoreboard in favor of the Hornets, 67-54.

The Ichabods’ defense fell apart in the fourth quarter as the Hornets scored 31 and held Washburn to seven. It was a poor defensive effort for the Ichabods as they couldn’t keep Emporia State away from the basket. The final score was 98-61, Emporia State.

Three Ichabods had double digits in scoring.

Haley Pfau led the team with 13, making five of eight from the field, missing two 3-pointers but hitting one. She also made half of her free throws, shooting two of four.

Erin Dohnalek had 12 points, shooting three of 12 but hit five of five free throws.

Jayna Smith had 11 points, shooting two of 11 but making four of six free throws. Smith also had six rebounds on the night.

The Ichabods face the Universtiy of Central Missouri, with whom they split the season series 1-1. The Ichabods look to rebound from the last time they played the Jennies, losing the game 86-75. The Jennies enter the game 10-17. They face them Feb. 29 at home in Lee Arena.