Financial Aid office shows appreciation for student employees

(Left) Student employment coordinator, Jamie McEwan, joins Ichabod shop director, Kaye Farley, on stage during the student employment recognition reception on April 13. Students munched on fruit and other small snacks and received their awards for working at Washburn for over 4 years or 900 hours. Farley said that student appreciation week is a great opportunity for Washburn to show appreciation for their student workers.

Kenzie McCoy

Washburn’s annual Student Employee Appreciation Week, which took place from April 11-15, allowed for widespread recognition for all student employees.

The Ichabod Shop was at the center of the week’s activities, which included a giveaway every day. The Ichabod Shop kicked off the fun-filled week with free water bottles, popcorn, cookies and soda to all Washburn student employees.

The week correspondingly began with access to a student employee coupon book, which offered many beneficial coupons, such as 40 percent off WU imprinted apparel, free iCard photo replacements and a free drink refill at the Corner Store.

Student employment coordinator Jamie McEwen joined in on the events as she handed out goody bags to student employees.

“This week is great because we get to say thank you to student employees,” McEwen said. “We couldn’t do all the work we do without student workers. We are so appreciative for all the work they do.”

Students who dropped by the Ichabod Shop on April 11 also received a goodie bag full of freebies, such as a water bottle and book light. Students could also enter a drawing for a prize, drawn on April 15.

“There’s almost not a department on campus that doesn’t have some student employees. They’re answering phones and also doing really important work in the community,” McEwen said. “We have students working for community service and non-profit agencies. Students are running the recreation center, tutoring or working at the library.”

Student employees were recognized during the reception at 2 p.m. April 13 in the Union Underground. Ichabod Shop director Kay Farley began the reception with a message about student employment at Washburn, stating that the university is grateful for all the hard work students do on campus. President Jerry Farley also recognized McEwen for her work with student employees.

“There’s hardly a corner of the university that isn’t impacted by student employment,” McEwen said.

Student employee Hillary Ronnebaum, a sophomore nursing major, said that student employee appreciation week is remarkably exciting.

“I love all of the gifts and the coupon book, which is amazing,” Ronnebaum said. “It’s great that [Washburn] is taking the time to recognize us student workers.”

Twenty-six student employees received nominations for student employee of the year, but the award went to SRWC employee Briana Heinen. The reception offered a unique opportunity for Washburn student employees to receive special recognition for all their hard work.

“I think this week is a really great way to show appreciation for those of us who do put in a lot of hours and work at any area on campus,” said Courtney Koch, SRWC employee and senior radiology technology major. “It’s nice knowing that [Washburn] is thinking about us.”

Students who’ve worked at Washburn for four years or over 900 hours were also recognized during the reception. Tables covered in fruit, cake and other small treats were open to students attending the event.

“Working [at Washburn] is a really good opportunity for students to build their resumes and to help the university as well,” McEwen said. “We are delighted that we get to celebrate their employment.”