The unspoken dress code rules of an 8 a.m. class – DO NOT PUBLISH

Ali Dade

As well-functioning young adults in college we have begun to learn the ins and outs of being in charge of ourselves. Our parents aren’t there to wake us up before school every morning with a nice, balanced breakfast and a well-planned outfit for the day.

Being an adult means that you get to do all that by yourself now, and unfortunately we may find that those things we took advantage of as youths fall through the cracks.

We may skip breakfast altogether or just grab some Pop-Tarts and a Diet Coke on our way out the door. In addition, many skip out on a nice-looking, planned outfit for the day and opt for some sweatpants and a hoodie, or better yet, the exact same clothes we slept in the night before. But this begs the question: is there an unspoken dress code for 8 a.m. classes?

A popular rule I’ve heard is that you can dress normally or nice for the first week of class and then for the rest of the semester you can dress however you want. This means you can wear your pajamas or sweatpants if you like. Two Washburn students gave their thoughts about this rule.

“I do not agree,” said Mackenzie Merrill, sophomore psychology major. “I think the unspoken rule is wear what makes your learning easier and most comfortable.”

We’ve all had class with someone who has shown up every day of class dressed like they were ready for a professional photoshoot, but who are we to say that they aren’t comfortable in that?

“I would sort of disagree,” said Ellie Davis, senior English major. “The girls I were in class with all dressed normally if not nice for a majority of the class periods. The guys in the class usually wore athletic clothing that was probably way comfier than ours.”

When you’re in an 8 a.m. class most people are too tired from studying (or staying out too late – don’t worry, we won’t tell mom!) the night before to even be worried about what other people are wearing.

To conclude, it’s your early morning class and you should be able to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. If that means you want to wear a formal dress or a tux, go for it, but if you feel more comfortable in those old sweatpants, go for that. It’s your college education and the truth is, years down the road at graduation, no one is going to remember what you wore to your calculus class junior year. Be comfortable and be yourself!