HI 101 engulfs students in history [DO NOT PUBLISH]

In the fall semester, HI 101 Changing World History will be offered as a general education social science course.

HI 101 will be taught by popular professor, Tony Silvestri, a lecturer in the history department. The course covers the time period from 1200 a.d. to 1750 a.d.

“HI 101 is the middle section of a three semester series of world history,” Silvestri said. “Washburn has this luxurious way of doing world history survey. Some places have to do it all in in two semesters. We get to do it in three semesters, so we can really focus on certain periods.”

Silvestri believes all survey courses are a foundation to any quality education, as they teach critical thinking skill, which are useful in any major or career, but HI 101 bears a particular significance in its relationship to current events.

“We live in a time of tremendous flux and change,” Silvestri said. “Almost all of the causes of the current world situation happened in HI 101. That’s why it’s really important.”

Veterans of the class can vouch for its value in understanding the modern world.

“History is composed of so much more than names and dates,” said Marissa Coyle, senior history major. “Perhaps more important than individual events or people are the overarching concepts and movements that have shaped the world for better or for worse. It’s important to understand how these things affect our world and the world of those who came before us.”

Storytelling and performance are key aspects of Silvestri’s teaching. If history can be fun it will be memorable and useful information is more likely to stick. He also loves to bring in pop culture references and make students look forward to coming to class.

“It’s an entertaining class,” Silvestri said. “I try to time every lecture just right so that there’s something you’re waiting for, but oh, the bell rings. You’ll have to come back.”