A Plato’s Paradise – DO NOT PUBLISH

Within the fashion industry, thrift stores are classified to most consumers as the cheap option. The stores are stereotyped on the basis of sanitation and disorganization, and the people who choose to spend their money there are noted as stingy and tacky. 

While thrift stores are not the equivalent of a sparkly department store, they still serve as functional retail outlets.

Several thrift store chains exist in the United States, but the one with the most contemporary, stylish items is Plato’s Closet.

The high-end consignment shop targets high school and college-aged males and females to inform them that it is possible to save money while still sporting the latest trends around campus.

Plato’s Closet fits nearly any personality whether the shopper is going for a gothic, preppy, chic, sporty, classy, vintage or hipster look. The options are endless with various attractive items to choose from.

The store’s layout incorporates adjacent sections for bags, dresses, jewelry, jackets, jeans, shoes and more.

One of my greatest purchases at Plato’s Closet was a $10 fitted black leather jacket. I purchased the jacket during my junior year of high school and wore it for several years before finally outgrowing it in college. This goes to show that Plato’s Closet sells durable items guaranteed to last.

The relaxing environment of Plato’s Closet provides a comfortable atmosphere for shoppers. From the alternative background music to the friendly staff members, shoppers are put at ease during their time filtering through racks. 

The biggest distinction between Plato’s Closet and other thrift stores is that they buy clothes from their consumers. This strategy allows them to sustain a trendy selection. All you have to do is bring in lightly used name brands and you’ll receive cash on the spot.

Plato’s Closet has something for everyone with crammed racks and unending daily arrivals of new items, so every trip will be a new experience.