A letter to readers of the Review

Review Editorial Staff

Welcome back Washburn! While you were away, we here at the Washburn Review have been hard at work to prepare yet another great year of news for the students of our wonderful campus.

After many arduous days toiling over how to improve our already amazing team, we found a way. We threw out the traditional style of having an editor-in-chief and individual editors, where reporters bounced all over our paper as they took articles in many different sections, and instead replaced it with our team system! Now, three executives collectively run our organization with individual teams who run the paper. Our team leaders have full power over the content that their team-specific reporters supply, meaning that the quality of our content will continue to rise as our reporters specialize in their fields.

Speaking of reporters, we’re hiring! We have plenty of positions to fill across all of our sections for both writers and photographers, even our advertising team is looking for people! Don’t look at it as writing even more papers while you’re in school. Remember that working for the Review is a job and just like every other job, we pay our employees and frequently give them the opportunity to advance within our organization. We are open to students from all majors, just make sure you bring some ambition for greatness. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one writing this editorial?

This year we’re really pushing to diversify the content we provide in our newspaper as well as on our website. By the way, our website is brand-new! We have had a website for years, but over the summer we got an upgrade to super charge our content for the school year. You can check us out at www.washburnreview.org to see all of our brand new content as it becomes available.

Alongside our web team, we are really working on our social media outlets. On Facebook you will frequently see our brand new live events, as well as notifications when content is posted to our website via our Washburn Review page. We have live tweets under way and you can follow us @wureview. We’re also working on establishing our Instagram page and you can follow us @washburnreview. We hope to see you in our feeds!

A new team, a new website and maybe even more changes to come! It’s the beginning of a brand-new year and we hope to share it with all of you. Sure college can be rough, but we certainly hope that our weekly papers and daily website posts will help you get through it all.

But don’t get us wrong; we’re still the same ol’ Review. We cover the most important events and topics at Washburn as we strive to provide you guys with information about the ever-changing campus around you. Whether it’s building renovations, making you aware of free ice cream or announcing the stats of the most recent football game, we will do our utmost to provide you with only the best content written by students like you!