S.O.S brings student resources

Lisa Herdman

Patrick Early, director of university relations, started off a meeting on student organizational success 5:30-7 p.m. Aug. 30 in the Kansas Room in the Memorial Union, by addressing student organizations use of the Washburn logo.

Early said that the Washburn logo had over 100 designs and has essentially been narrowed down to three. He related this change to the ways that students are able to use the new logo designs within their organizations.

“Our job is to tell the university’s stories,” Early said. “We want students to use the logo, but to keep the strength of the brand.”

Becky Bolte, director of the Memorial Union, said that in addition to use of the logo students may also make use of advertising space in the Union.

“We are here to help your organization succeed,” Bolte said. “We want the representation and work done a certain way, so come and ask us if you have questions.”

Bolte said that students must be wary of problems due to advertising and posting policies. Organizations must approve flyers, banners and ads before they can be posted.

Students may also take advantage of funding and grants provided by Washburn Student Government to support their organization’s outreach.

“We are here to help you,” Bolte said. “We are here for you guys.”