#WorkGoals (Bod Mag Do not publish)


Everyone has those long-term goals that they want to pursue. Who hasn’t wanted to be president of the United States? Who doesn’t want to be the next Oprah Winfrey? As great as long-term goals are, it is good to keep in mind short-term goals. More than likely before anyone becomes Oprah Winfrey or President of the United States, they have to take a short-term job. Some of these aspiring people will have to find innovative and creative ways to survive everyday life. They’ll have to find their #WorkGoals. With that being said, here are eight #WorkGoals to start the ever changing list of things to strive for.

#1. Be positive. It is easy to let the everyday aspects of work life drag you down, but it is important to stay positive. It may seem difficult to remain positive, but management will see how you handle tough situations when you are stressed out. Eventually this will put you in a favorable position in the eyes of your boss.

 #2. Find a way to vent. Whether it is to your grandma or to your co-worker, find someone that feels comfortable hearing about your bad day. Just being able to tell someone how you feel will take the weight of any troubles off of your chest.

 #3. Carry gum. Gum is an efficient way to keep your cool, even if it is just the cooling effect of peppermint. In addition to cooling down, peppermint has been known to boost intelligence.

 #4. Never say never. Don’t let fear stop you from taking opportunities that you normally wouldn’t take.

 #5. Keep business cards on your person. You never know which celebrity’s are wandering around outside. If you bump into one of them accidentally, you better be sure to have your contact info. in hand.

 #6. Three things. At the end of the day, try to remember three things that were positive about the day. Hopefully this technique will classically condition your brain to love work, which would be ideal.

 #7. Reward yourself. Every time you go above and beyond, remember to give yourself a reward. It can be a Milkyway or a Kitkat, but just reward yourself for a job well done.

 #8. An occasional sarcastic statement never hurt anyone. Remember that a sense of humor reminds people that you aren’t a robot. You are a person, and you care about them.

 Follow these guidelines and soon you will be thriving towards your #WorkGoals long and short-term