Washburn VS Fort Hayes State Football

Bryan Grabausks Washburn Review

     On October 15, the Ichabods will return home to Yager Stadium to face off against the Fort Hayes State Tigers. After suffering defeat at the hands of the Tigers last season, you can be sure the Ichabods will be motivated to get a win in this game. However, that will not be easy, as the the formidable Tigers are a dangerously good team with a record of 4-1.

Washburn’s defense, which has been somewhat generous so far this season, has allowed 178 points to opponents, 25 more points than the 153 their offense has scored. On the other hand, Fort Hayes State has outscored their opponents by nearly double, scoring 144 points and allowing 77. The Ichabod’s defense needs to step up or they will get the team behind early. If they do allow the Tigers to score as they please, it will be up to the offense to keep the Bods in this game. While Washburn’s offense has been productive this season, they have a tough test coming up with the Tigers. But they will have to match up and score. However, the Ichabods will have to avoid the turnovers that hurt them against Pitt state and play safe football. The Ichabods will also need to get off to a hot start, which hasn’t been too much of a problem, because the Tigers do most of their damage in the first quarter. Where the Bods will encounter some trouble is the fourth quarter, where they tend to slow down, as the Tigers step on the gas peddle in the final fifteen minutes and have scored almost as much as they have in the first.

It will be a tough matchup, but should prove to be exciting. To cheer on the Ichabods, come on down to Yager Stadium at 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 15.