Brief: Professor analyzes Clinton campaign

Katie Wade

James Schnoebelen, associate professor of communication studies, will present as a part of the Gender Brown Bag series at 12 p.m. Nov. 29, in the Cottonwood Room.

Schnoebelen’s presentation, titled “Re-evaluating the Glass Ceiling: Clinton’s Gender and the 2016 Presidential Campaign” will discuss the hits and misses of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Though the election may be over, one should not devalue the successes her campaign made for women in the political sphere. Clinton was the first to win nomination by a major political party.

The presentation will examine the role of gender in Clinton’s campaign as well as the public and media’s perception of her. It will also discuss how gender impacts leadership and perceived qualities of a leader, as well as Clinton’s navigation of these constructs throughout her political career and presidential campaign.