Ichabods hold on to win close match against UCO (DO NOT PUBLISH RIGHT NOW)

Bryan Grabauskas Washburn Review

On Saturday, Nov 5, the Washburn Ichabods took on the University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos. To begin the game, both teams traded punts back and forth, until the Ichabods gifted the Bronchos with an interception. In turn, the Buddy Bronchos got greedy and went for it on a fourth down, only to return possession back to the Ichabods. This time, Washburn took advantage and Derrick McGinnis threw a touchdown pass to Bryce Chavis with 1:23 left in the first quarter. The Bronchos finished out the first quarter with another turnover on a fumble, which the Ichabods converted into yet another score with McGinnis throwing the pass into the end zone.

While starting off with some action, the remainder of the second quarter dragged along with the teams exchanging punts, including a Washburn punt after taking the ball back with another turnover, an interception this time. Pinning the Buddy Bronchos all the way back at their own nine yard line. However, they proceeded to march down the field on a 91 yard scoring drive, cutting Washburn’s lead in half. Not to be outdone, Washburn executed seven plays in the remaining forty seconds and kicked a field goal to extend their lead. Washburn went into halftime with a 17-7 lead.

After opening the third quarter with a UCO punt, Washburn and Central Oklahoma had back-to-back touchdown drives, raising the score to 24-14. Then, after consecutive punts by each team, both teams came back with consecutive touchdowns again to end the third quarter at 31-21.

The fourth quarter brought a pair of missed field goals, one by each team, and a touchdown for Central Oklahoma. While it was close at the end, the Ichabods managed to come out of this game with the victory thanks to a very productive day from their offense, with 335 yards passing and 82 yards rushing, and an especially productive receiving day from wide out Bryce Chavis, who had 176 yards and a touchdown.