OPINION: Sports Speak – Three cheers for the Cubs

Dylan McManis

“What are you going to do now?”

“We’re going to Disney World!”

No joke, this was the Chicago Cubs’ response to winning the World Series. After a dramatic victory in the tenth inning of the seventh game, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series 4-3 with an 8-7 final game. After that, they went to Orlando, Florida to celebrate at Disney World.

I have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs since I was a kid. My parents practically brainwashed me by telling me the Cubs were the best and taking me to Old Chicago’s every time we ate out, the Cubs were my idols as a kid.

Of course this illusion was quickly broken when I grew up and realized that 1. The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908 when they won it for the second consecutive year, 2. Supporting a team halfway across the country means that you never get to watch games live and 3. I don’t really like baseball. Don’t get me wrong: I intend to write about baseball, I am writing about baseball right now and I am indeed a fan of the Chicago Cubs. But I don’t particularly get a thrill from watching baseball.

I attended the sixth game of the 2014 World Series, the one that the Royals didn’t win but there was hype for, with my family. The Royals won that game, and although I hadn’t been paying much attention to the games before it, in that moment I stood up for the seven run second inning that snowballed the Royals to victory, and I cheered loudly with all of my heart, I was a Royals fan.

All things considered, I still like the Royals, they are definitely my second favorite team behind the Cubs, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. The Royals won the next year and I didn’t pay any real attention to it. I think all of the energy came from being in that moment, sitting alongside people that were putting their hearts into cheering for their favorite team, that’s what made me love that day so much.

The Royals didn’t compete this year, but I was paying attention to the World Series because my favorite team the Chicago Cubs were in it and had a chance of winning. When they did win it was a fantastic feeling, but I didn’t see the game.

I know this was some roundabout storytelling on my part this week, but I promise I have a point. That point begin this: it’s okay to be a fan. It’s okay to be happy when you win and sad when you lose. You don’t have to be a fan of everything, I just suggest that everyone try out something they aren’t a fan of sometime with people that care a lot about it. It really does provide perspective and is an amazing rush of adrenaline understanding the point of view of a die hard fan.

Cheer, be happy, even if you don’t like baseball or you are an Indians fan. Sports wouldn’t be around if people didn’t like them.