Yearbook organization photo contest

Yearbook editors, Kenzie McCoy and Shayn Jones work on pages for the 2017 KAW Yearbook.

Kenzie McCoy

The 2017 KAW Yearbook is starting to come together. We have officially chosen our theme, which we will share exclusively with our online readers.

The theme for the 2017 KAW Yearbook is “Reimagine.” Think of how student’s lives are shaped when they come to Washburn. Their dreams and life are reimagined through hard work to achieve their goal; a degree.

The yearbook staff is hosting a free competition to win a 2-page spread, featuring your organization, in the 2017 yearbook!

We are encouraging all organizations to send us a group photo to be featured in the organization section of the 2017 yearbook. All organizations will be entered into a drawing to win a free, 2-page exclusive spread about your organization. That means, the KAW Yearbook will dedicate two pages about your organization, featuring information about your activities, photos and other information to let WU students know just how awesome your organization is.

To enter:

Send your group photo to [email protected] with the names of your group members listed. It’s that simple. We’ll be drawing for the spread in early February, so check your email to see if you’ve won.